Podhalanska Cytrynowka Lemon Liqueur

750ml Bottle

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    Podhalanska LLC
    35% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Cytrynowka (pronounced 'Cit-rin-oov-kah') is a lemon-infused liqueur that originated in Poland's small mountain villages and has since become a staple Polish liqueur. The recipe for Podhalanska Cytrynowka Lemon Liqueur was passed down and perfected from generation to generation, embodying authentic Polish culture. It has been made from the finest grain spirits, which they infuse with the rich flavor of real lemons. Their process is all-natural with no artificial additives.

    Each bottle of Podhalanska Cytrynowka (Lemon Liqueur) is meticulously handcrafted to perfection in small batches. Fresh, real lemons are delivered for each batch. Once the lemons are prepped, they are mixed with their unique family recipe and left to infuse. During the infusion process, the fresh, natural flavors and juices from the lemons are extracted, along with the lemons' yellow color. In other words, the rich lemon taste and natural yellow color that are characteristic of Podhalanska Cytrynowka are entirely free of artificial flavoring and coloring.

    This Podhalanska Cytrynowka has bottled at 35% alcohol by volume. You cannot find a flavor this smooth anywhere else! Enjoy!