Nue Vodka

750ml Bottle

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    Southwest Spirits
    40% Alcohol
    Dallas, Texas
    United States
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Nue is an award-winning vodka made in Dallas, Texas. Distilled six times for a crisp and smooth taste, it is gluten-free, and American made. Nue Vodka is made in small batches to ensure meticulous attention to detail for premium quality. It is made from the highest-quality corn. Nue Gluten Free Vodka is crafted in small batches to control and ensure the highest quality that ultimately provides clean, smooth vodka. Ingredients are locally sourced high-quality corn and water that has gone through a process of Reverse Osmosis, which extracts mineral content and any impurities in the water. Nue Vodka is 6x distilled through an advanced column process that also removes natural impurities. It is the uncomplicated, perfect choice for every cocktail from a Martini to a Bloody Mary. Enjoy!