Goose Island Bourbon County Biscotti Stout 2022

16.9oz Bottle

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    Goose Island
    Anheuser-Busch InBev
    14.3% Alcohol
    Chicago, Illinois
    Product Description

    At Goose Island, we believe ideas and inspiration can come from anyone in the Goose family, and our Biscotti Stout is a perfect example that came from our very own HR team. Inspired by the Italian desserts of her childhood, our People Manager Jill Cerone, dreamed up this variant after grabbing a box of chocolate-dipped biscotti from her cabinet. Working with the brewing team, Jill brought the flavors to life with cocoa nibs, toasted almonds & anise. These ingredients showcase and compliment flavors already found in our Bourbon County Stout and adds strong notes of nostalgia from any Nonna's kitchen.