Fernet Branca Liqueur

750ml Bottle

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    Fernet Branca
    Branca International S.p.A.
    39% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Born in 1845, Fernet Branca Liqueur maintains throughout the time the personality and originality with which it conquered the five continents. It's a secret formula, passed on generation to generation, is an excellent example of experience and passion of "doing," which has guaranteed in time the superb quality of Fernet Branca Liqueur. Herbs, roots, and spices are infused in alcohol, extracted, or still in decoction. After one year, when the mixture has rested in oak barrels evolves and blends all the aromatic components, the production process is completed. This long journey gives Brand its one of a kind taste. Fernet Branca's decisive tone is derived from the unique taste of its individual ingredients, which results in an undeniable rich digestive bitter that finishes with a delicately spiced aftertaste. Choosing Fernet Branca Liqueur is a journey of discovery across places, scents, and tastes: it's the awareness of the uniqueness of its intense and decisive taste. As we say in Italian, Inimitable! Enjoy!