Effen Black Cherry Vodka

750ml Bottle

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    Beam Suntory
    37.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Effen Black Cherry Vodka is the first flavored vodka to combine natural Black Cherry and Vanilla flavors in one presentation - the first of its kind. The result is a fresh, contemporary liquid that will inspire new, innovative cocktails and flavored martinis. Effen Black Cherry is the result of insight, inspiration, and invention. Effen Black Cherry Vodka begins with Effen Vodka, so it is smooth, even, and balanced. Hand-selected Dutch wheat, perfectly pure water, and the acclaimed Effen Vodka distillation and filtration methods are the heart and soul of Effen Black Cherry. Effen Black Cherry Vodka has the heart of Effen Vodka, so no matter how you drink it, you know that it's smooth, even, and balanced. It avoids glycerin or additional sugars by using vanilla blended with ripe black cherries to achieve a balanced finish. Effen Black Cherry Vodka is smooth enough to drink straight, though it also complements any mixer with just the right level of sweetness. Enjoy!