Dewar's Caribbean Smooth Scotch

750ml Bottle

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    Bacardi Limited
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Dewar's Caribbean Smooth is a belnd of up to 40 single malts and grain whiskies, aged for at least 8 years. Then, it goes through double aging process and finish in Caribbean rum casks for up to six months. This gives it a smooth and Caribbean-inspired finish.

    Tasting Notes

    Nose: It has a sweet and fruity smell, like caramel apple, honey, praline, and a touch of pear. The rum adds sweetness and reduces the smoky scent.

    Taste: It feels light on the tongue. The flavor is sweet with notes of creamy sweetness, rummy caramel, honey, and vanilla bean. There's no strong alcohol taste.

    Finish: The finish is short but pleasantly sweet. You'll taste cream, caramel, light toffee, and some brown sugar.

    Overall, Dewar's Caribbean Smooth whiskey has a unique twist with its Caribbean rum cask finish. It smells sweet and fruity, tastes light and creamy, and finishes with sweet notes of cream, caramel, toffee, and brown sugar.