Absolut Vodka Soda Lime & Cucumber

12oz (4 Cans)

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    Pernod Ricard
    5% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Sugar Free
    Product Description

    Absolut Vodka Soda Lime & Cucumber Ready to Drink is crispy with juicy, zesty notes of lime and green cucumber. It is sparkling with the crisp and refreshing taste of lime and accentuated by cucumber's fresh notes.

    Inspired by their iconic vodka soda recipe, crack open a classic combo with sparkling Lime & Cucumber. Because if it ain't broke? Don't fix it—just put that crisp cucumber and bright lime flavor in a can, so it's ready-to-drink without the fuss.

    With the help of their very own bartenders, their superb Absolut Vodka, and only quality ingredients, the drink-making part is already taken care of. So give yourself a little less time at the bar and a little more time on the dancefloor – we all know that is where you belong.

    Absolut Vodka Soda Lime & Cucumber has made with zero sugar, only 97 calories, and contains 5% alcohol by volume. If you're looking for something refreshing in taste, this is it. Savor chilled straight from the can or fancy it up in a cocktail glass with garnish! Enjoy!